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Clint Rose Motors
(03) 5962 3144

Managing the servicing, maintenance and repair requirements of fleet vehicles can be a complex business. Fortunately, you can rely on Hi Tech Car Service to take care of your fleet of vehicles. A one-stop- shop for all your fleet needs, we offer service, maintenance and repairs for all fleets, including service reminders and installation of fleet tracking systems. Hi Tech Car Service are a cost effective alternative to dealer service centre’s with factory trained technicians who provide the highest level of service to keep your vehicles running in the best condition.

We are committed to putting quality and service first, and will provide a clear explanation of any work to be carried out as well as cost estimates. Our qualified technicians carry out careful inspections according to manufacturer’s specifications, ensuring all warranties are maintained. Plus, we use genuine branded replacement parts to ensure your fleet continues to run in top condition. Leave it to our professional staff to take care of all your fleet servicing requirements. Enquire today